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Fill a 9x9 Sudoku board as fast as you can. Each column, row, and block (the nine 3x3 boxes) can only contain 1 to 9 once.

  • To enter a number - Click on a box and enter a number via your keyboard or click on a number box below the grid.
  • To clear a box or cell - Click on a box and click on the blank box below the Sudoku board or use the letter b.
  • The 'show me one number' button - This will show you the correct number in a random empty box on the board (the number will be in green to help you find it). This will cost you one minute on the timer.
  • The 'check my numbers' button. - This will check the numbers you have entered (in blue). Correct numbers will turn black. Incorrect numbers will turn red. This will cost you 5 seconds for each number checked.

Information is saved via browser cookie. You can leave and come back to the game (on the same computer and browser with cookies on).